Human Resource Files

Every employer has their own unique way of maintaining their employment records, but all employers must maintain their records according to certain state and federal guidelines. Scanning your human resources documents and employee files can help you meet those needs. Scanning your employee’s human resource files can help you maintain those documents in a safe and secure manner. Digital files allow you to store and retrieve documents in a safe and secure manner, allowing access to these documents to only authorized personnel. Disaster recovery needs can be met by storing electronic files in multiple locations. Legal council can maintain copies of employee files that are related to a current or potential lawsuit.

Scanning human resources files can help you maintain your human resource documents by being able to separate personnel files, medical files, non-job-related or confidential information, and I-9 files in a manner that allows you to provide information to auditors, employees and legal counsel in a safe, speedy and compliant way.

Misplaced, lost or stolen files will become a thing of the past if digital files are maintained properly. Updating digital files can be a simple process and accidentally misfiling documents in the incorrect employee file can be minimized.


Are you starting to run out of space in your office because the paper just keeps piling up? Is it getting more and more difficult to find important documents because there is just too much paper to sort through? The Scanning Company can help you alleviate these types of problems by placing one of our skilled scanning technicians in your office, once, twice, three times a week, or however many days you would need us there to help you maintain your documents. One of our trained scanners will come to your office each week or month to keep your documents up to date and manageable. Our scanners will bring their own equipment and convert your paper documents into organized, secure digital files that will not only allow you to quickly and securely access information, but these digital files will allow you to back your information up in the event of a disaster so that your business can quickly recover and continue to do what you do.

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