The conversion from paper to digital files can be somewhat overwhelming, and that’s why The Scanning Company is here to help you. Our process begins with a quick question and answer to get an idea of what your needs are and answer any questions that you might have. Typically we would like to take a quick look at the documents you have, because no two jobs are alike. Everyone’s needs are usually different and it is always best to all be on the same page. Many document scanning services will give you a flat quote on the phone without ever seeing your documents, would you trust a doctor to perform surgery on you without ever having examined you and just diagnosing you on the phone? If you would like us to scan some samples for you so that you can see what the end product will look like, we would be happy to do so. There is absolutely no fee or obligation for this service. We will follow up with a written proposal and whether you decide to do something that day, the next month, or not scan at all, you will be armed with the information you need to make an educated decision.

Unlike most of our competitors, we keep it simple and price on a per box basis. The standard per page pricing method that most of our competitors use, only leaves the customer in the dark, not knowing what the final cost will be until it’s too late and their documents are already scanned. The original pricing estimate you receive could end up being a bad surprise that may be double to triple of what you had expected. We have no hidden fees and will be happy to thoroughly explain what to expect during the scanning process. The Scanning Company understands how valuable your documents are, and that is why we take great measures during the scanning process to ensure that your documents are scanned in a safe and secure environment and that all of your information will remain safe, secure and private.

Large Format Scanning Conversion–
Blueprint Scanning Services

The Scanning Company can help convert your Large Format or Blueprints, into digital format. We have helped convert thousands of large drawings, blueprints and architectural drawings for the Construction, Manufacturing and Architectural industry.

Let our experienced staff, convert and preserve your Large Format drawings and Blueprints into high quality digital documents. We will index your documents to your criteria, so you can easily search and find all scanned drawings within seconds. If you have drawings that are taking up office space and slowly deteriorating, please contact us.

Please call us today for a free no obligation consultation and quote.

Accounting and Insurance Document Scanning Services

If you are an Accounting or Insurance firm looking to convert your important client documents, let us help convert your files into digital format. Your office might become overwhelmed with file cabinets, shelves and boxes full of paperwork. Not only is it taking up valuable space in your office, but your staff is constantly trying to find the file you need, which might have been put in the wrong location.

Let The Scanning Company assist you in helping convert your files into digital format that can be easily accessed within seconds.
With years of experience helping companies like yours, become more organized and productive, we take pride in being the paper conversion leaders.


If you are a Law Firm looking to outsource having your legal documents converted to digital format, then look no further. The Scanning Company can easily assist you in converting file cabinets, shelves or boxes full of client case files on or offsite. By converting your case files, you will be able to free up valuable space in your office along with getting immediate access to converted digital files in seconds.

Our experienced staff will pickup, prep and scan your documents with high volume production scanners. Our software will help output high quality searchable documents that will go through extensive quality control procedures to ensure all documents are scanned and legible.

We take great measures to ensure that your documents are secure during the scanning process by utilizing state of the art camera’s and recording surveillance, secure data encryption on all electronic devices and background checks on all of our employees.

Please call us today for a free no obligation consultation and quote.